PACER Concierge™ is a value added software package that dramatically reduces the time and manpower overhead of dealing with the PACER™ system, while simultaneously bringing you the latest updates on the cases that you need to monitor.

Our software not only creates time in your day, but gives you the edge over your competition— both in and out of the courtroom.

Key Features:

  •  Automated ECF Notice Processing: Our Unicorn™ emailer processes the best source of info you can have; the free ECF’s available from PACER to the attorney whenever anything happens with your case. Our system further processes these files so they’re visible to everyone needed, instead of being hidden in one attorney’s inbox.

  •  No one else does this. Automated ECF Notice Processing is the most important difference between us and the competition.  Only one other competitor offers Automated ECF Notice Processing— but only for Bankruptcy Courts.

  • Automated download of Docket Items automates access to .pdfs in the PACER document management system, and does so for all courts.

  • Automatically creates relevant Filenames for your PACER documents. This allows you to put your effort towards the legal case at hand, instead of trying to decipher a cryptic filename.

  • Provide coverage for District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

  • No other software tool covers all four federal courts that PACER serves.

By providing you with these mechanisms, and more, PACER Concierge not only increases your bottom line, but provides an advanced way to get the information you need to win your case, quickly and easily.

PACER Concierge… Giving you the edge.