About PACER Concierge

PACER Concierge™ puts the power of PACER™ in your control, because your staff should spend their time working for you, instead of working with PACER.

PACER Concierge is a value added software package that lets you leverage both time and manpower. And by extension, saves you money.

By reducing the amount of time and effort your law firm’s staff devotes to trying to corral PACER documents, they can now spend more time actually assisting you… All while having the latest information that PACER has to offer.

Key Benefits:

  • Relax knowing that all of your dockets are always up to date.
  • Save time and money by completing PACER document searches in minutes, not hours.
  • Provides simple reports to facilitate easy re-billing of clients for PACER Documents:
    • Automatic client billing codes.
    • Accurate precise client billing with no additional effort.
  • Processes documents stored in PACER and free ECFs (electronic case files) emailed by PACER from the Federal Courts.
  • Simplifies Document Management integration with user-friendly document names.
  • Simplifies Document Retrieval for individual cases.
  • Simultaneous queries of all federal courts.
  • Secure credentials on individual servers.
  • High vertical and horizontal scalability. There are no bottlenecks in PACER Concierge’s system provisioning or access.
  • Mobile optimized for most smart phones;
    • The HTML5 GUI accommodates access via mobile devices wherever you have connectivity.

PACER Concierge… Giving you the edge.